Climbing Active Volcano Mountain Ol Doinyo Lengai 

Climbing Active Volcano Mountain Ol Doinyo Lengai and watching a breath-taking flock of flamingos in the Lake Natron

There are always opportunities to climb mountains, but opportunities to climb active volcanic mountains are usually rare.

Close to Lake Natron- a breeding site of the worlds largest flamingo flocks is Ol Doinyo Lengai (878 m), a sacred Mountain of God, according to the Maasai. This is one of the few volcanic mountains without Sodium carbonate and Potassium, and the only
volcanic mountain in the world that erupts natrocarbonatite lava.

Climb it with Elisam tours, and after your climb take a relax by watching a massive flock of flamingos in their world’s largest
breeding site-the alkaline Lake Natron.